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"Dark" MMO? - Malyngo - 27-09-2010

So, since Spellborn went down, I was thinking what I liked the most about it.

And I think it is this: It had a dark touch to it, that kinda endtimish feeling, and at times even a little scary, horror like.

So I was thinking: Is there any mmo out there, that has something similar going?

Not that fantasy crap with elves, dwarves and goblins.

I want something dark, scary, with a story to immerse oneself in.

"Dark" MMO? - Kevin - 29-09-2010

Well I don't know actually. My 2 'alt' MMOs both went down this year: Dungeon Runners & TCoS. No alternative anymore Smile

"Dark" MMO? - loathsomeone - 30-09-2010

I am anxiously awaiting the release of "The Witcher 2" you might check out the original if you haven't yet, unfortunately it is just RPG and not an MMO, I think it would make a great MMO. But definately has a dark side and the story is enough to keep you busy for a bit, but just looking at the graphics of part 2 that is coming out, I am going to have to give it a go.

"Dark" MMO? - CowMooFlage - 01-10-2010

I can't think of any MMORPG with that type of athmosphere at the top of my head though. When I do, I'll let you know [Image: default_wink.png].

"Dark" MMO? - Malyngo - 05-10-2010

Single player, I am playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent right now.

Would not work as an MMO, but as an single player, I am enjoying it very much. It is a horror game without weapons, so you don't get to kill anything, but, wow, this is scary at times, and really good atmosphere.

Kinda lovecraftian style of horror.

You can get a demo of it on Steam, if interested.

"Dark" MMO? - Khemical - 19-10-2010

Until The Secret World comes out from Funcom, I doubt we'll see to many games like you're describing.

You could try Requiem: Bloodymare. It's F2P with an item shop. It tries to be horror themed...kinda.

"Dark" MMO? - zugu - 21-11-2010

At first I was amazed by Rift: Planes of Telara. This is a MMO in development and it will probably have some moderate success upon release.

Their artwork is reminiscent of TCoS, dark and spectacular. Unfortunately, the game will probably play most like WoW - they aim to compete with it. I wish them luck.

Nevertheless, take a look at some screenshots.

"Dark" MMO? - Malyngo - 21-11-2010

Ah, I also read about Rift, also thought it might be an interesting game. But if control is more like WoW, than this sucks. Don't like the point&click style very much.

But well, there are some exceptions to that, loved Shadowbane, so maybe that game will turn out fine.

"Dark" MMO? - Ranph - 15-12-2010

If you like DARK MMO's then might I suggest "Fallen Earth".

I find this game to be very well run and produced. It is a well made cross between a FPS and MMO.

So if you have time and want find out how Mad Max or the Hero of Fallout did it, give Fallen Earth a try!

~ Ranph

"Dark" MMO? - Ghost - 17-12-2010

The look and feel of a game, though very nice with spellborn didn't pull me in as much of the fact that you had to have some skill to play, most people didn't give spellborn a chance cuase it took learning and time to get good at it, guess thats why most people are not professional athelets, they want to be the best without the effort. I poored myself into spellborn, i learned every class so i could now its strenghths and weaknesses, i bet i made and deleted 50 toons before i finanlly decided on G'host my trickster which i then mastered and well rained unholy terror down on the server with my random ganking and killing,hehe but i never just picked on people and was always there to help in anyway possiable, say like donating 8k to the bunjee jump fund so everyone could complete it, by the way JW-NL or international guys you still have my funds. I'll be wanting those back lol. Simply put i want Spellborn Back it was by far the best game ever, it took skill, and inteligent thinking to play especially solo which by far i did every quest in the game including killing the monsterous spider in the Forge solo, but i would have prefered playing together with others cuase it was freakin hard. I don't want a game that puts me to sleep or one that involves the ability to BUY the advantage. thats why TCoS should have stayed P2P better to subscribe and be equal than to sell out to the masses with no talent and mommy's checkbook.