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Guild wars 2 - Polymo - 23-10-2015

Hey, kind of off topic, but Guild wars 2 now has an 'action camera' mode, which makes the combat more similar to spellborn's.

RE: Guild wars 2 - Kevin - 24-10-2015

Indeed! I love it so much. It instantly reminded me of Spellborn, though it's changing the gameplay quite a lot.
I enjoy this game ven more now :3

RE: Guild wars 2 - Valshaaran - 24-10-2015

That's cool. I haven't been that into GW2 recently, but have spent my fair share of time there, especially WvW. I remember using a little mod which used automatic mouselook and added a target reticule to make it a bit more action-y, I forget its name. Good thing to add in, I will take a look at some point =)

RE: Guild wars 2 - Kevin - 24-10-2015

ICM, Immersive Combat Mode Wink.

You should login certainly, with halloween Big Grin

RE: Guild wars 2 - JW-NL - 26-10-2015

One thing I don't like is to be forced to buy the HOT update as guild leader. But I've seen you around there Kevin.

RE: Guild wars 2 - Kevin - 28-10-2015

Oh have you Tongue?
Well, you can always add another one as guild leader, but yeah.. you get so much without buying HoT though that I can forgive it for that.