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Spellborn / Unreal packages, character data.
Hey Saltiel,


I'm currently working on the animation part of the characters in the packages.


It seems to go in the good direction since I'm able to read in the vector and position data of the bones and also the notify structure for each animation part.


In comparison between the unreal 2004 data and the Spellborn files I still need to skip some data at the end of each part, this seems to be extra info

for which I have no clue yet what it means.


When this parts of coding is done I should be able to either create PSA and PSK files or rewrite the content to a new package for reading into the UT2004 editor.

For both ways it's important to know I have the largest part decoded, but writing the new files out means deleting some of the Spellborn data,

in other words missing something which might be important for the game.


I've read your other post about the packets, nice work.

Also nice to see you're working your way into the game via a different route, gives me some good hope. [Image: default_thumbsup.gif]


Greetings Jan-Willem.


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