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another spellborn video
this time made by me nothing special but posting it won't hurt anyone (hopefully) so here it is:
Spellborn - Running

[Image: boi10qlavfy6wwvye.png]

The more the merrier! Thanks for adding Smile

Made me pick away a tear ;(, miss it too much, I guess...

Good thing you made this though, I wish I had gotten my new pc earlier to see this game in all its beauty and maybe shoot my own footage.

yeah good vid, I had a skinshifter of my own [Image: default_smile.png] makes me miss the game

I'm glad you guys like it, and feel the same about this game. I miss it so much too...

[Image: boi10qlavfy6wwvye.png]

I'll never stop missing it...

nice work

everytime i see videos of tcos i become nostalgic

What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:




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