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Known issues
  • Tutorial

    • Walk targets are not showing up, but they are present. The first door on the shardship The Mercantile is in a permanent openable mode as a a workaround.
  • Hawksmouth
    • Quest "Forged Anew"
      • Hawks Iron node is interactable, but interacting with it does nothing.
    • General
      • Pathfinding for NPC's/monsters is borked - partially solved.
      • Loot is not working, wildlife doesn't drop anything, save quest items.
      • Monsters sometimes disappear.
      • Chest armor clips through character.

  • Aldenvault
    • Quest "Captain's Logs"
      • Logs do not show up and are not interactable. Halts progress of this quest/quest line The Way To Citizenship

Q_DS_SOTA_23 (Trial Caves Lvl 15)
  • Fixed but not submitted yet:
  • The objective "Wait for Siltor to appear" doesn't complete.
  • The barrier that blocks Siltor from attacking doesn't appear.
  • Birth signs do not enable and disable the glow effect.
  • Captain Rhouk can't be killed.
  • Hoggsridge needs an accessmap rebuild
  • Shorath Mesa is dark (Intentional?)
  • RF_Hearth needs an accessmap rebuild
Any more bugs will be added

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