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Thank you
Hi everyone!

I am a spellborn fan from back in beta, but hadn't even the chance to buy the game before things went wrong. I just want to say thank you for making this project and catching in the spellborn community, as I found was way more mature and friendly than many other MMO communities out there.

Hopefully Frogster and Spellborn NV will reach an agreement that all will benefit on, and once again, thank you.



I just couldn't let this wonderful game and it's great community dwell in the nothingness [Image: default_wink.png] Welcome aboard!

I must have missed this post on my previous forum visits! Welcome [Image: default_wink.png]! And we'll keep you up to date when there's news [Image: default_wink.png].

Welcome Talaar [Image: default_wink.png]

and you are very welcome xx

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

Hi everyone. I'm new here too, and I just want to second the OP's sentiment.

It's a huge bummer that Spellborn's gone. The game was great, especially compared to what's out there right now. The art style was totally unique and inspiring, the combat was actually a lot of fun. I loved building unique skill decks and had high hopes for more skills to be introduced with patches to see more diverse skill decks. Most of all I really liked the community.

I'm glad and appreciative you guys are running these forums here. It's nice to stay in touch and hopefully it'll show someone out there that Spellborn is a game worth saving.

Exactly, can't agree more with your words Enkmar! Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Welcome Enkmar!

We hope you'll find this a good place to talk about a lot of things [Image: default_wink.png]


Thank you for having this board up for Spellborn fans. It's a shame this never got the attention it needed.

I understand Playdom picked up most of Acclaim's games. Does Spellborn NV have control again?

Spellborn NV never lost control: they're the owner of the IP. Acclaim was just the publisher (and there are others, by the way: Mindscape and Frogster)

But Playdom killed all games of Acclaim, by the way. Not only Spellborn. Seems they've bought Acclaim for 1 project that looks very moderate to me...

I wonder if we can convince an angel investor to save Spellborn?


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