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R.I.P The Chronicles of Spellborn (for now) - the e-mail from Frogster (updated)
The Chronicles of Spellborn has been taken off the internet as of 25th August 2010.  The old forum has gone too.

The last solid news we managed to obtain was that Frogster and Spellborn NV are in current negotiations regarding the game's future.

It is widely known that Frogster and Spellborn NV are in legal proceedings due to Spellborn NV owing Frogster a large amount of money regarding the game's development.

I personally am assuming that nothing can be done regarding possible decisions on the game's future until these legalities are resolved.

However, we at this site WILL inform this forum's members of any changes in the game's status as and when we receive solid information.

In the meantime, please feel free to use the General discussion section to reminisce about our much missed MMORPG and to keep in touch with the wonderful yet small community who helped make the experience so great.

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

A while ago a TCoS player e-mailed me, telling me he had managed to get a reply from Frogster about the status of the game.

It is known on the internet that they are in legal proceedings with Spellborn NV, don't shoot the messenger, I have seen it on many sites.  Maybe that's over now, or maybe it was exaggerated or misinformed,  I honestly don't know for a fact.

What I DO know, is this e-mail implies all is not lost.

I am pasting it here minus any names concerned so you can all see it [Image: default_smile.png]

Quote:Thank you for your true interest and fidelity in the great game that The Chronicles of Spellborn is.

To give you some insight in the responsibilities, Frogster solely holds the license for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia and most parts of Asia. We can’t tell you why the holders of the US license have shut down the servers.

We ended our subscription based service in Europe in July 2009 after we announced that the game will go into a re-design process in Korea to create a free-to-play version with fundamental enhancements of the game-play concept and game mechanics. During this time we left it open to players of our territory to play on the Acclaim servers for free, but without any liability by us. We don’t have any responsibilities for or influence in the decisions of the publishers in other territories like North America , UK and other European markets not mentioned as our territories above.

We are in ongoing discussions with the developer Spellborn NV about the future of The Chronicles of Spellborn. But to be honest, we can’t tell you and the whole community what the future for The Chronicles of Spellborn will be at present. We can assure you that we are struggling hard to achieve a solution to reactivate and reanimate The Chronicles of Spellborn for all faithful and devoted players.

Yours faithfully

Executives and team of Frogster Interactive Pictures AG"

So, I guess all we can do is wait [Image: default_smile.png] x
[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

All we can do is wait... what lies hidden, must be found so...

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