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Who's behind the computer screen? Introduce yourself :)
The internet is a busy place. It is important to remember that there are real people behind the characters we see on our screen.This thread is to say hi, and if you choose, to tell us a bit about yourself and your chosen character.Include a picture if you want, please keep it clean and respectable, we have a varied age range of players in our small community.~x~Debbie~x northern english mother of two demon teens. Health hasn't been too good for the past few years so gaming has become a major part of my life, played at least 40. Ingame I am a Runemage called Debbilicious on the PVE server.I talk too much. If you are in need of headache tablets, just tell me shut up. lol.Pink Floyd and Stephen King fanatic. Writer of Poetry. Winner of Pool. and according to a few obviously blind internet men, a bit of a milf ..... yeah right [Image: default_tongue.png]Will try my utmost to publicly humiliate and textually destroy ingame bullies and complete morons. [Image: default_biggrin.png]I am an Officer in the newly formed guild designed for helping new players, NewBorns on PVE. Give me a shout if you wish to join [Image: default_smile.png] xx

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

Behind this laptop screen you can see this: Kevin, a 19 year old guy being on the internet for about 7 years now, having spend years trying out scripts and stuff to run my own websites. Fanatical MMORPG gamer who has been playing these games for years: RuneScape (yeah I know.. it sucks), Tibia (sucks even more), Guild Wars (love this game), Dungeon Runners (stopped <!-- sSad -->[Image: default_tongue.png]<!-- sSad -->), Knight Online (even suckier), and many others actually. But only 2 have hold my love and interest and that's TCoS and Guild Wars.I've been playing TCoS since the release in the Belgium. I'm by the way also the owner of this site and I host it as well as manage it - but I don't manage it alone, I get the help of a joyfull lot known as the moderators down here <!-- sBig Grin -->[Image: default_smile.png]<!-- sBig Grin -->I hope you like your stay!Kevin

Hey there ladies and gentlemen! [Image: default_biggrin.png] My name is Vlad, I'm 20 years old and I hail from Romania [Image: default_smile.png] I'm currently in my second year of Pharmacology at the University of Leeds in the UK and I've been playing videogames since I was 6. Fourteen years of gaming make for an impressive game portfolio, not to mention the invaluable computer software and hardware skills that I've developed.I've only delved into the MMORPG side of gaming a few years back but I have to say I'm loving it! Just to name a few, I've played World of Warcraft (very little though), Requiem (very good game, played a lot of it), Guild Wars (#2 favourite MMORPG ever, I own every campaign), Warhammer Online (again, not as much as I'd like), EVE Online (truly massive game, but lacking the long term fun factor IMO), Aion (good game at first, but lost interest further on) and of course, my favourite, The Chronicles of Spellborn!!!The latter is the reason I'm still here today, still playing it, still enjoying it as much as ever and trying to keep it alive for the rest of you to play and have fun with! [Image: default_tongue.png]

Hey there!I'm Eli, 19 year old Belgian. MMORPGs and Tactical shooters (co-op gameplay or class based) are my favourite types of games. However I got into PC-gaming by playing strategy games (think Cossacks, Age of Empires and yes, even Stronghold). Here's a small list of other games I enjoyed throughout the years: - RuneScape; - Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy (and total conversion for JA: Movie Battles II); - Guild Wars: Prophecies/Factions/Nightfall/Eye of the North; - Star Wars Battlefront I/II - The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar/Mines of Moria - Left 4 Dead - Team Fortress 2 - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - The Chronicles of Spellborn (DOH!) - ...Yup, quite some Star Wars titles there! Can't deny that I'm a big fan of the franchise <!-- sBig Grin -->[Image: default_smile.png]<!-- sBig Grin -->. Also you might be wondering why the heck I included RuneScape? Well, I was quite young (12-13 or so) when I started playing it. It sort of was my first MMORPG and I met some really fun people there. We're still friends after all these years and one of them even dates my best (girl)friend <!-- s:lol: -->[Image: default_tongue.png]<!-- s:lol: -->.What concerns Spellborn: I first heard about the game 2 years before its release and immediately digged it. Its setting and the promises of the devs seemed incredible to me and the fact that Within Temptation were supporting the game confirmed my feeling to trust the company behind TCoS. I got into closed beta (European one) about 6 months before release and played the game thoughout open beta and release as well. Until I was forced to give up on the game due to a BSOD and problems between GameGuard and the Windows 7 Ultimate RC1... But I'm back! See you guys on a random floating rock, somewhere in the Deadspellstorm!PS: If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me on the these boards by a PM.


My name is Tiberiu and I'm a proud Romanian. I'm 25 years old and I've been playing a lot of games these last 15 years. I also "play" games for a living - I'm a video game tester.

I also play A LOT of Team Fortress 2 and I'm a rabid Valve fanboy.

MMORPGs are nothing new to me, but while I am somewhat of an addictive personality, I've never quite jumped into the bandwagon.

My MMORPG adventures:

- bought WoW vanilla, only to cancel the subscription two weeks in the free month. The whole game seems to be revolving around gear and is basically the same thing over and over again. Huge time sink.

- tried WAR, Age of Conan, only to uninstall the trials. I just didn't like them.

- played DDO: Eberron and abandoned it after noticing everything is instanced.

- same for Guild Wars.

- played Runes of Magic and quit after realizing it's a huge money sink and I would actually be better paying for WoW.

- tried Allods and deeply disliked the Cold War / fantasy crossover. Suspension of disbelief utterly ruined. Not to mention the ridiculous item shop prices.

- I just discovered LotRO, it seems decent enough, but I advise everyone to play using a subscription. "Free 2 play" is more expensive in the long run than paying a monthly sub.

And then, there was Spellbon. The only MMORPG that managed to impress me.


- the art direction

- the music and the soundscapes

- the unique combat system

- the lore

- the High House faction system

- the uselessness of the gear

- the importance of the player skill and combat deck choices


- most of the character design - the human males and all Daevi looked like crap

- the Quarterstone crystal quests (10000 crystals? Are you kidding me?)

- the lack of people to party with - not really the game's fault, however, I was pulling my hair out at times in Ringfell Hearth when questing solo

I only managed to reach level 28. There are areas in the game I never got the chance to explore. My House Rune Warrior Adept is now gone.

It was extremely sad to see the game crumbling before my eyes. On life support for almost a year, Spellborn is now dead and we are here to honor its achievements. Maybe we will see it alive yet again.

It happens I'm enjoying a beer at the moment, as I'm writing this in front of my PC's monitor. So here's to the greatest MMORPG ever, The Chronicles of Spellborn!

All I ask of you is one thing: please don't be cynical. I hate cynicism - it's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. - Conan O'Brien

40 year old mechanic from Kansas, USA. Highest lvl reached in TCoS was only 18 but had 5 chars on the PvE server and 2 on the PvP server. Waited a long time to play Spellborn, when the game was first released I didn't have a machine that would support the video requirements. It really sucked because I was invited to be an original beta tester and wasn't able to install the game. I made friends with one of the original developers in the game "Anarchy On-Line" and he got me the invite to try out TCoS, then he lost his job with the fall of the design department and I forgot about SPellborn for quite a while. When I heard it went FTP I had my new machine running and decided to give it a whirl, fell in love with it, and now it is gone. So hi everyone.

Elliot here, New Zealander exiled to The Penal Colony Australia. Geek app/flex developer.

In spellborn if u don't know EvilirSar Deathhand 42 in International guild. Deep into spellborn.. as far as I am concern it has the potential to amazing... combat system is amazing!

Gaming since the Apple ][ CE, Amstrads, ZX81, C16/64/128, Amigas.

In this century my RPG habit started with Diablo2 AR (Ancestral Recall) the almighty mod, WoWcrack for too long (was a contributor to many Feral sites), few DD games, EvE (love it but the sub is an issue as i am overly causald) KOTORs...

Now still drunging my mind through spellborn loss, and still playing Immortal Throne (63 Elementalist)..

Trying DDO, want to check AoC... will never pay for a sub!


I'm Ariel and originally from the US though I've been living in the Netherlands for over 6 years now. I was one of the members of the Spellborn Dev team before things went downhill. While there I did everything from editing and writing quests and designing areas to dressing and implementing most shop and arena NPC's to helping QA the game. Some may remember me from the betas and euro server (I didn't log into the US server too often since the company got rid of me about a month after the game went live in the US).

I had lurked around the game and forums the last couple of months just to take in the memories of the game before it went down. I somehow figured that Playdom buying out Acclaim would spell out doom for the game since it meant there was nobody with publishing rights that really understood the game and what a gem it was underneath of the few bugs and problems.

Anyhow I'll keep lurking around here, just to see if anything further happens with the game. To all those that played and enjoyed it, I'm glad you did and that Spellborn was up long enough for some to get a taste of the world and lore and everything that the group of devs put their hearts into creating.


Hi my name is Alex, i'm 17 I live in california USA, played alot of video games from when i was 8 and just starting getting into MMOs a couple years ago. started with runescape, its a pretty good game if ur new to MMOs but then i moved on to WoW, it's alright i guess a better upgrade from runescape but i just hate the gear and combat system there so that didn't last.

But then i moved into differnt MMOs, guild wars,2moons was really fun but got to be a grindfest after 2 weeks, it was an acclaim game so i guess it's gone now lol,then age of empires III a really fun strategic game, i really enjoy RTS games ,company of heros, warhammer, starcraft, all the good ones [Image: default_biggrin.png]

Then i stumbled across TCoS, and i gotta say it was like striking gold. I fell in love with it straight from the beggining charecter creation,the whole game was just straight up beautiful, the deck system and questing was very difficult if you've never played it before, i remember being extremely confused on how to play lol, but then it became beyond fun when i learned how to master the deck system [Image: default_biggrin.png] I made a lvl 50 BW a lvl 42 SS and a 35 RM

So the game was becoming very lonely and you couldn't really party with people to do the fun stuff due to the lack of population, but nonetheless very fun even soloing , but anyways it then came to the downfall =(,i didn't know the plug was going to be pulled that fast, the servers were down long before the game was officially announced dead. so i didn't get to spend the last moments with you guys. [Image: default_sad.png]

But spellborn will always have a place in my book as the best MMO i've ever played and i am very happy on the experiances i had, and all the good times with the great people from international...But now all i can do is hope, that the negociations with Frogster and Spellborn NV will result in letting us play this fantastic game once more...

well i know iv'e blabbered on now for a while so ill end it there, im glad i found this site so we still know the future of TCoS and so we can talk again just like we did on the old forums =)

It's great to see more TCoS players joining [Image: default_biggrin.png]

Welcome and we hope to bring news of any future decisions regarding this sorely missed game xx

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~


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