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Premium subscription expired!
Q: When I try to log in on my character I get this message. I've tried visiting that page but it just sends me to the Acclaim site. What can I do? Can I still play?[img][/img]A: Yes, don't worry. You can still play, but you're going to need to change your password every time you login in order to play. This is a glitch that has been there for several months now and it still isn't fixed by Acclaim.In the meantime you should go to this page. You'll see something like this:[img][/img]Click on I forgot my Password and fill in your user id (the name you use to login into Spellborn) and your emailadress you've used to register your account. You'll get a new password on that emailadress. Use that to login and you should be ready to go.After you've done this make sure you've restarted the Spellborn client because it won't accept the new password otherwise.

Once you change your password and click ok, if your screen refreshes to a list of Acclaim games you play then this has worked. If it has not, try it again until it does refresh.This IS a pain, but please be patient, the game is worth it !! [Image: default_smile.png] x

[Image: 59188_430846286730_593711730_5278636_815571_n.jpg]

~x~Fake Friends Killed on Sight~x~

I usually just request a new password every time. I don't change it back in anything else anymore - just a pure waste of time <!-- sBig Grin -->[Image: default_smile.png]<!-- sBig Grin -->


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