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Anybody tried ESO?
I've been playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) for the last few days, and kind of liked it. The ranged combat has some resemblance with TCoS, and the 5-skillbar strangely reminds me of TCoS too.

Anybody else tried it too?
I played it, but found it to be boring after a while and while you mention some resemblance to tcos, i also discovered while playing that the regions did look fine but not nearly as deep and immersing as spellborns (and the 5 skills extremely limiting). I bought it because some videos made me think that, but in the end for me it only represented the generic medieval fantasy mmo theme & gameplay.
Overall it's not that bad.
I tried it in the past but it never got me into it.

The combat was not nearly as good as in spellborn and nothing is able beat the atmosphere and feeling of the spellborn gameworld.

But I would say it's one of the few good new MMORPGs from the last years.
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TCoS Gameplay Videos:



With the drop of the subscription, it has actually improved a lot; I was in the beta's of this game, played it a few months ago, and it's really a brand new game now. The tutorial has been modified, the flow of the game has changed... it's a lot more fun this way.

But it indeed lacks the strengths of Spellborn: great ambients, perfect usage of music, the awesome combat and just the background/atmosphere of TCoS. But all in all, it's a great game now.
It has been received a lot more positive too since the release of Tamriel Unlimited.

But the main MMO I play for the moment is Guild Wars 2, but I'm in kind of a hiatus there as I've been playing it for 3 years... I need some variation! xD

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