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I've put in the missing array definitions needed by the package extractor to get the data from the quest packages, and it seems to presenting the data fine, so I've started looking at creating classes to handle quests (and NPC dialogue as it's a prerequisite). Unfortunately we don't seem to have the script test map , but I'll start with spawning the quest test NPCs in Hawksmouth and seeing what I can do with that, then onto Hawksmouth quests if things go well.
I've written a bunch of classes to represent quest data and written an extractor adapter to pull out a quest package into a collection asset. There are a lot of quest target types so the adapter only stores one type (CT_Talk) for now, but I can make use of it to start figuring out the quest & conversation packet structures.
I've made some progress, mainly with pulling out conversation & quest data from the packages and linking it up to NPCs. More detail on what I've done is on the commit I just made on GitHub. I've made a new branch again as I'm away on holiday tomorrow for the best part of a week (and when I'm back I expect my spare time to be sucked up by a certain post-apocalyptic game for a bit) but my changes are a bit messy, so I'd like to tidy things up before adding to the main branch, but at least you can make use of what I've done if you wish Smile (Also, I think I've introduced an error which is causing the NPC_Type extractor to not pull out factions and names correctly, thought it was best to fix that first too). I think that starting to get some quests working is within touching distance, so that's good!
Nice, pretty good so far!
But the 'fps' are pretty bad now (2, or 500ms). The first thing i saw: you shouldn't use unity's Update() for the deployers, instead update them from the zone's update function for example, or via InvokeRepeating or StartCoroutine (Unity internally uses reflection of some sort to call Update())
But that's only minor, and i think performance optimizations need to be done either way after the next steps.

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