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Guild wars 2
Hey, kind of off topic, but Guild wars 2 now has an 'action camera' mode, which makes the combat more similar to spellborn's.
Indeed! I love it so much. It instantly reminded me of Spellborn, though it's changing the gameplay quite a lot.
I enjoy this game ven more now :3
That's cool. I haven't been that into GW2 recently, but have spent my fair share of time there, especially WvW. I remember using a little mod which used automatic mouselook and added a target reticule to make it a bit more action-y, I forget its name. Good thing to add in, I will take a look at some point =)
ICM, Immersive Combat Mode Wink.

You should login certainly, with halloween Big Grin
One thing I don't like is to be forced to buy the HOT update as guild leader. But I've seen you around there Kevin.

Oh have you Tongue?
Well, you can always add another one as guild leader, but yeah.. you get so much without buying HoT though that I can forgive it for that.


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