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Loading Time
Something in the forum software makes it never stop loading the site when at the main site (atleast for me).

It seems to contact various resources, but never finishes to load them, even though visually everything is there.

The same for me, and it's seems to be related to that fact: some resources take at least a minute to load, like the quick answer form.

I'll make sure Kevin (Vampiretrix) takes a look at it. 

I've noticed this too, but can't really find the cause of this. I suspect it's some missing files, but I don't have full access to the forum software it's full releases anymore as my license for updates expired. I won't renew this until they release IPB4, so this might hang on for a while, but I'm searching if I can fix it another way.... You might also try the "Change Theme" option below and set it to the default.

This might speed it up.





New version of the forum software has been uploaded and all (or at least most) missing images should be back.


I think this can be marked as solved for now.



The forum is really slow loading during the last days for me.
Edit: after a cloudflare error message it magically became as fast as before the slowdown.

I haven't seen any delays at all, but that might be me. I've checked Pingdom however and I've noticed several really small downtimes (so small that Pingdom hadn't informed me about them) and seen a few loading time spikes in there. I also noticed that there was a huge load on the server, a lot of bandwith being used and a lot of CPU activity. Probably something went wrong. 
I've got a daemon running on the server that checks everything, so it should be okay now. I have rebooted the server though, but it should be fixed now.

After some investigation I notice a huge spike in bot/crawler activity. On one day up to 7000 requests, so that might have something to do with it.

Bot and crawler activity means that we're still being followed, maybe a little more then we want :-P


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