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Hello all and few questions
First question:
I have lots of screenshots from 30-april-2009 to august-19-2010.
What is the best place to put those online for everyone to see?
Second question:
Any from "International" guild in here? My character was Saami and i was skinshifter.
few names that i found in screenshots were JW-NL, Haiden, Velket, Haral, ciara-RM, Mepper...
Hi and welcome,
you can look at the top of the site, there should be a gallery link, where you should be able to add images.
Welcome back Saami,

JW, Ciara, boombota and bouvian are still in contact. We play GW2 a.t.m. And keep also in touch on my Ventrilo server.

We also sometimes get visits from old "international" members too though lately less often.
[Image: banner10.jpg]
Thanks for replies.
I try to add screenshots as soon as possible to gallery.
Got to separate double-pictures out of them first.

Bunch of screenshots added to gallery. waiting for approve.
Gonna add more later when i have time.
Always good to see some of those screenshots, hope Kev can check it soon.

Greetings J-W and Ciara in the background.

They're all approved now and live Smile
i can only see 1 image in the gallery (newest firefox, even with adblocker disabled)
In IE 11 I only see one thumbnail, but can click all to see the pictures.
[Image: banner10.jpg]
Ah, yes i can reach them by clicking the '(0) comments'. That's so cool, in one picture there's 'Raznilof', i guess that is mathew florianz, isn't it?
That's Florianz yes.

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