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hello and some "news"
i have been a player of spellborn and be happy to found your webpage and sad to cant play anymore but
perhaps this new can help a little (but only in the usa )
the link dont open the page but
"Victory for Users: Librarian of Congress Renews and Expands Protections for Fair Uses"
Archiving and Preserving Video Games

The Librarian granted part of EFF’s new proposal for an exemption to preserve abandoned video games. The new exemption allows players to modify their copy of a game to eliminate the need for an authentication server after the original server is shut down. Museums, libraries, and archives can go a step further and jailbreak game consoles as needed to get the games working again. Disappointingly, the Librarian limited the exemption to games that can’t be played at all after a server shutdown, excluding games where only the online multiplayer features are lost. Still, this exemption will help keep many classic and beloved video games playable by future generations.

i have just register today on the site and havent take the time to read everything but if i understand it is still possible to go in the game ??
anyway hello
Hey Hulla!

I've read the same thing as well and it's good news for a lot of games but I don't think this specific law applies to Spellborn directly. Why not? Because it was made by a dutch company and thus falls under European laws.

As for being able to play this game. At most, in its current state, you'll be able to log into the game and wander around. There won't be anything to do but it might be fun for you to visit some old locations again and relive some of that nostalgia.
More information here:


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