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Yeah, everything was still setup the same way, it was just a bug in the forum software. I updated to a new snapshot and it was fixed ;)
Also, the emoticons should work again! [Image: biggrin.png.0455261f6b7af6bed94483e54f40eaab.png]


The mainpage does'nt have a style for me.
Anyone else with the same problem?
Edit: nvm its working now.


IE layout gives troubles at first hand, but after a warning message and agree on that it shows the usual layout.
Firefox seems to work without warnings and gives normal display right away.


On Chrome, it's a bit weird, I get no theme so its all plain text but if I switch the theme to PinkFluffyUnicorns and then back to default it works fine, although pink fluffy unicorns are a little disturbing....


I'm getting tired of all the issues of IPB. It's up for renewal next month, but I doubt I'll renew. I'm looking into porting the forum to another software solution, one that is more stable.
Every day something seems to break.
I think I've fixed everything now, I hope it stays that way. I had to put a backup back, which didn't even solve the problem, so the emoticons are once again lost :/


I just updated the server today to the newest version. Once done, the forum completely broke.
You know what was the cause of this? The forum uninstalled a module, deleted it from the server without a reason. It still tried to load it on the next pageview, grinding the entire site to a halt. Painful.
The entire admin was blocked too, try to solve that. Really tired of IPB.

The new forum software looks way better than the previous and the reduced amount of costs is big.
So I think it is worth.
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:



Yeah, this forum software works a lot better, it simply looks awesome and the reduced costs are wonderful.
That and the conversion went really smooth, without any errors at all (which is rather rare when you convert from one forum solution to another Tongue). And the frigging smilies work on this one!
That alone makes it worth it Tongue
I'm not able to respond to threads in the news section :-P it says i dont have the rights to and similar generic error messages.
Should be fixed now!


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