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TCOS Reborn - Client/Server Setup
Hello everyone,

Part 1 - Installing and Configuring MySQL
The first part of the tutorial is available on video at :

Part 2 - Compiling the Login and Game servers (1/2)

[Image: banner10.jpg]
Part 2 - Compiling the Login and Game servers (2/2)

[Image: banner10.jpg]
This is awesome.
Thanks alot acid!
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:



Thank you for taking the time to show us how to do all this. Fantastic job!
Thanks Heaps Acid, Followed Through and Understood most of it.. rewatched bits and pieces, I had to make the Bat File to create server as I wasn't sure where that was located.. but hopefully.. I am up to the last section.. I have the login Server Showing the TCoS - Reborn - Sulvor Edition server haha. felt I learnt a bit about Unity (no idea on it really).. its cool you can run it in no gui mode Smile. MySql.. well.. wasn't much to l earn there.. the Building process in Visual Studio was also really easy. now.. t.. so I can check and the Login Server Crashes when I connect to it with a created User / Password, is this cause I need to allow better permissions on the mysql? its accepting connections Tho! haha.. (Running a Secondary Desktop Machine, hosting the server stuff (SQL, Visual, Unity) and my windows 10 desktop just needs to connect to it). but crashes the login server.. Ill play around for a bit and see if I can figure it out Smile
Is there a way to turn on LoginServer Logging? I want to see if the clients crashing the login server when its connecting to the MySQL (newer Version).. or something else thats causing the issue Sad.

Not sure what was up with it, I created an account from within the LoginServer exe and it lets that account in.. (something with the way I done the other account maybe..). I also left everything defaults for the Server (also made another).. and seems to run well now. Now where to go from here.. hmm

Hello Sulvor, I am Gorbag. I am also interested in creating a playable version. We are currently moving to another city so I cannot use my desktop computer until mid-may. Hopefully with a little help from the family we can make someting playable. I am an old guy that programmed a little many years ago in a extinct language called Fortran on an extinct computer model called Silicon Graphics, so I can not help you with debugging this type of problems.
So after playing around in my personal server.. I was wondering how they have enabled .tele in the test server? as Mine just spits an error saying unknown character / location Sad.. is there more I need to add somewhere? -Noob with questions Sad

The .tele command is only available for moderators. To gain access to it, you need permission level 3 (to be modified in the account tables).
Then you can use it and (also use as reference locations mentioned on Github) . Some landing zones are lower than they should be but that can be modified via unity.
[Image: banner10.jpg]

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