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Package & map file reader

I used NinjaRipper to rip the terrain 'collision' meshes that are somewhat in use for some of the maps in the project. It's a nice little tool. Too bad the culling system often interferes when trying to rip big parts of a scene.
Just to be sure I understand correctly how you managed to generate these FBX files Sulvor: you just had to use NinjaRipper and it worked out of the box?
@Saltiel Not particularly.. I had the "Sample Server" running on another Box next to me, and Connected to that, then when its Open Ninja Ripper Pulls out Everything on Screen, so Some 3Dsmax altering / Ripper Tools Involvement.. to get what I showed.
When I get a Bit of Free Time up my Sleeve (hopefully in a couple of weekends). I will Document exactly what I needed to do to get stuff from Screen to Model, I also Plan to break it down a bit more, and Setup a project in UE4, with all the Assets Rescaled / Positionable.. as the files that come into Max at like 20k from Centre and are just not useable in the state it captures it.
I did notice that SpellbornDev had all the original Files looking at the post, would love to get our hands on that data, perhaps we can't have Spellborn, but we might be able to use the assets to create it our own?

Thanks for the explanations Sulvor! Smile

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