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Current status
Hey all,

Yesterday, AcidBurn and me tested out my server.
Although some small issue arose, it seemed to work great overall!
It was very nice to walk in Hawksmouth again, after so many years. Solving 6 riddles, killing old Willfred, or slap the drunken dock workers. All the Spellborn memories got back to me in a couple of minutes Smile

The next steps will be to setup the dedicated server.
This server was just a locally hosted one by myself, and only contained the Hawksmouth area for now.

We'll keep you guys posted!
Man, I can't wait to do that stuff again.
You guys are heroes
What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:



That sounds great, can't wait to re-experience it.
I can't wait to play your wonderful creation for actually the first time.
Yeay! =D
Can't wait to play!

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