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How much of this game still exists?
I'm really curious, because I recieved a copy of it today, only to find out it had gone under more then 2 years ago. However, more googling brought me to this forum which still seems semi-active. So does anything of this game still exists to play?


Thanks in advance,


Hi DF,


To respond to your question:


Since August 2010, all publishers have shutdown their servers. Though the game medias are still available in shops, the game is not playable without the servers. Some of us have undertaken an attempt to rebuild a server but development is very slow as we are too few people for such an undertaking.


We use the client files from different versions to achieve our goal. But in short the game at this time is not playable.


I hope this answers your question.




Acid Burn


PS: on this site we regularly post updates on our progress. Just keep checking this site in the coming months for new information. We also track info from the makers just in case they decide to bring back the servers online.

[Image: banner10.jpg]
Ah,  that's too bad. [Image: default_sad.png] 


Thank you for your answer, I'll keep track of your progress.




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