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The Chronicles of Spellborn - Client files
Dear friends,

Many of you keep looking for the installer files.

Vampire Trix gracefully added the client to this server. His link are mentioned further down but I add his quote up here too:
Quote:The download links are: (FAST DOWNLOAD!!!)

I have removed my Torrent links as Kickass Torrents was shutdown.
If you have any troubles with the files, let me know via forum mail and I'll see what I can do about it.

[Image: banner10.jpg]
im gonna try to download and seed all the Torrents for the second link. working on TCOS .8 atm going kinda slow with a whooping 80-99kb/s

I am currently seeding setup_tcos_eu_0.8.0.0 on the second torrent link. Thanks so much for it by the way acid! I got to the login screen i kinda almost cryed [Image: default_biggrin.png] now if only i could actually log on T_T

I will download these files and upload them to our server, which will give faster speeds and more stable [Image: default_wink.png]

Good work. thx Acid


I already found them somewhere else in the past and reached the login screen but its good to have them here now for everyone.


although its only the login screen it gives me epic feelings

looking forward to the day when we can Log in there in our new accounts to join hawksmouth [Image: default_wink.png]

What lies hidden. must be found

TCoS Gameplay Videos:



damn no way! do i click on every file for the install or what? how do i download all of this, an ty so much for this is it possible to eventually get the game going?? like atleast hawks?

Mhmm, Mr OMG, read a bit more on the forum here,

then you might understand why Acid has been so kind to put up the torrents.


Greetings JW-NL who's still doing the bits and bytes thing on the Spellborn packages..

Updated Client File List

[Image: banner10.jpg]
Some mirrors


On Google Drive

Patches - (acid-burn's torrent in 1 .7z)


Link to the files:



On Gamershell (offline sometimes)

I just got a faster internet connection. I will be moving my torrents soon to it. I first need to finish setting up my new router's NAT tables and port forwarding..


PS: The version requires only 3 files. The EXE and two bin.

[Image: banner10.jpg]

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