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The Universe according to Spellborn
For those of you who forgot how the shards are linked together.  [Image: default_smile.png]

[Image: universe.jpg]

Greetings JW-NL

Ah yes, good times Smile

This brings back memories of when I roamed these lost lands. Smile

Have a question? I'm here to help! 
Quote:This brings back memories of when I roamed these lost lands.

lost is the word, indeed .... Sad
Well, as long as you still have a copy of the game files, it may not be as lost as Cow is thinking, [Image: default_cool.png]

I can't say much more at the moment because i'm still doing more research and programming,

but my first attempts together with Acid-Burn are allready giving nice results out of the client files.

When the program is good enough it will be in the news.

Just keep in mind that research and programming takes time since I do have a day job.

Another thing: With this program it's not a playable game again, but you can have a fun time playing with it.


Just to make you even more curious a little compilation: [Image: voorbeeld.jpg]

Interesting! Keep us up to date! Tongue

Due to a restore of a previous image of the forum a recent post of me has been lost, but here is a little view of the Unreal editor with some static meshes of the arena area loaded.

The files Acid and I use are of the version 0.8 at the moment, in other words the beta version. There are still a lot of things that don't work so this is just something to give the community a little hope. [Image: default_wink.png]

Greetings JW-NL

[Image: arena_testing.jpg]


Unfortunately, I had to indeed restore the forum to a previous image. Had to do that because of some technical host issues (we were running a while on a mirror server, without my knowledge... and at once the mirror was disabled, I had to quickly fix things).

Looking back at the picture today I notice that not everything is correct, for example the round grates on the side of the fighting area should have been lifted, in this picture they are lowered. Youtube video's are a great source to check things for rebuilding maps, also my own screenshots folder contain a nice gallery so it's a good source during our testing.

Another thing I see now is the program bar at the bottom, there's that little thing called Spellborn file utility [Image: default_cool.png]

Gonna do some more hex editing now to get a few errors out of the static mesh files. [Image: default_wacko.gif]

Greetings JW

^^ awesome! Btw normally a new skin will go live on the forums tomorrow.

Also, Nostalgie is a good thing ^^


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