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Questions Thread
This will be a thread were hopefully questions can be answered.
My first question : how far did the 'Trade' chat reach, was it cross shard?

On the live servers most chats were local except Party and Whispers. There was no universe chat. For that I reason I had to make use of one of the moderators to get people to my arena event. He could pop a window in the center of the screen to reach all the people on a shard because some had one channel on others on another,  and then he switched to the pve server to get people from there who had a char on the pvp server to come to it for the event.

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So, Trade would be readable by everyone on the shard and whisper was cross shard?
Edit: maybe i use the word shard wrong. Shard means like 'map', right?

Parliament, Quarterstone etc are Shards [Image: default_smile.png] They are the floating worlds in the deadspell.

Shards is more defined like a floating rock piece while would contain one or more linked areas.
In case of the starter area Hawksmouth there is a portal in the city through which you would teleport to the area of Aldenvault.
Both areas are on the same shard, but are different map files on also have split chats.
Going through a teleport "door" and after loading the map and new character postion would normally give you the new zone info and in case of a pvp area a countdown
from 5 secs downto 0 before pvp was enabled.
This also had a know bug, other players could only attack you when you moved position once the pvp countdown was gone, so by just standing there you could see what was happening around you without being hurt.

By the way, the default chat pages were (in order):
Local | Zone | Trade | Whisper
These were conditional:
Guild (If you joined one) | House (when you joined a house) | Party

[Image: banner10.jpg]
Yes, i already have these working for me, i'm just still not sure how far the trade chat can reach. From World of warcraft i knew that the trade was across main cities, how far is it in spellborn?

Oh, and what is a 'Disciplin' in spellborn?

Quote:The trade was Local.
for the disciplines, check:
It's the lower of all tree branches.
[Image: banner10.jpg]
In code local means 'talking-range', but i guess you mean local as like zone-wide?


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