Getting started

A step by step guide on how to install the game and create an account

Create a game account

In order to play Spellborn, you will need to create a game account.

Creation of a game account is possible either within the launcher (by using the button “Create Account”), or by going to the Spellborn Account system.

Please do NOT use your account name as a character name, for security reasons.

Create game account

Download the game client

The suggested (and only supported way) of download Spellborn is through our launcher. This launcher will install and keep Spellborn up-to-date.

Download launcher Download old launcher (for Windows Vista/8/XP)

The launcher currently does not support resuming downloads, hopefully we’ll be able to add that in the future.

Should you have issues with the launcher, please ask a question on the forums or on our Discord-server.

A debugging tool for the launcher is currently being worked on.

Upon launching the launcher, it will install the game.

Please make sure to limit the game to 60 FPS - the game can encounter issues if not locked to 60 FPS.

Information about how to do this can be found:

Register on the forums.

This is not required, but highly suggested since this is the location where bugs can be reported or when you get stuck.

You can also find quest help here.

Create a forum account.

Join our Discord server

Just as we suggest you join the forums, we also suggest you to join our very active Discord server.

Should you have questions, there’s always another player or GM online here!

Join our Discord-server

Do you have any further questions, or remarks? Make sure you’ll let us know on the forums or on our Discord channel.