Getting Started

A step by step guide on how to install the game and create an account

title: “New game update and launcher” date: 2019-06-10T8:43:58+01:00 draft: false summary: “A new game update and way to update your game has just launched!” tags: [ “launcher”, “game update” ] description: “A new game update has been released and the launcher has arrived!” leadtext: “A new game update has been released and the launcher has arrived!” headerimage: “openbeta.jpg”

author: “Kevin”

Hello everybody - the last few weeks have been amazing and we’re now up at 900 accounts!

To celebrate that, we have a new update!

Update notes, version

Quest fixes
  • He Remains Powerful - Fixed missing quest parts. Fixed empty text in conversations.
  • A Token of Sincerity - Fixed despawning of Vednidher when he reaches the end of his escort.
  • Palace Love - Fixed missing conversations at the end of the quest.
  • Time For A Change Of Style - Changed the war scene location in the quest text from north of the docks to south of the docks.
  • Mugwum Is Guilty! - Fixed Mugwum not despawning when he is at the gate. This prevents new players from interacting with him.
  • The Pedestal Of Light - History book was invisible so it was impossible to find the correct order.
  • Through The Stomach - Fixed small text error. Changed Soul Shop into Spirit Shop.
Misc fixes
  • Fixed History book not spawning for HighHouse Maul quest.
  • Fixed bug in NPC Chat script that created invulnerable enemies.
  • Ancestral Forge - Fixed Orros being stuck at low health.
  • Fixed typo in quest Road of the Conscript.
  • Pit District: NPC with missing label has been renamed to Pold the Soulwarden.
  • Spirit Guardian now has a correct name label.
  • Added more resolutions to the option menu.

Enough talking, how can I download this update?

Moving forward, you’ll be able to install and update the game using our newly released launcher.

You can download it by clicking the button below - beware that it’ll perform a clean install on the first launch.

Click here to install the launcher and play the newest version

- The Spellborn Reborn Team.

1. Register on the forums

This is needed so you can report bugs or issues.
If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

Create forum account

2. Join the beta group on the forums

If you’re part of the open beta group, we can notify you when there are updates.

Join the Open beta group

3. Register a game account

You’ll obviously need a game account to play the game.
Note: For security reasons, don’t use your account name as a character name!

Create game account

4. Download the client

You may now download the client through our custom launcher (The Game > Download Latest Client)

5. Install the Client

After running the setup for the launcher you may run the launcher to install and play Spellborn. Enjoy!

Do you have any further questions, or remarks? Make sure you’ll let us know on the forums or on our Discord channel.