High Houses

The lore behind the High Houses in the game

High House Maul


If there is such a thing as aggressiveness, it will be found in House Maul. Those within its ranks excel in combat, are born tacticians and plan strategies to uphold their pledge of protecting every citizen of the Enclave no matter what House alignment or race.

But where House Maul excels in the practical terms of combat, it is at a loss when it comes to the political scene within the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. Those in Maul would rather resolve matters with a sharp sword or a cunning axe than talk about it for hours on end. It is safe to say that diplomacy and negotiations are completely lost to House Maul.

Maul is being led by an enigmatic and kind man, known as Lord Nor Petion who enjoys respect from each of the other Houses as well as every citizen within the Enclave. Although Lord Petion would rather be on the battlefield all day or fight wars on some distant Shard, he is trying hard to cope with the fact that he is being forced to do paperwork. He resides within a fortress in the Midlands of Parliament which functions as the High House for House Maul.

Within the Enclave

They are close allies with House Torque for their leadership qualities and the fact that they are more than willing to do the political reasoning for them. Without Torque there wouldn’t be any need for a large-scale military force. But even if their alliance is one formed on mutual trust, there is some friction between the two houses. For House Maul resolves conflicts by sheer force while House Torque resolves those same conflicts by diplomatic talks and negotiations.

They are amicable towards House Silver as a military force needs provisions and resources. They are slightly hostile towards House Rune, not understanding how research into arcane knowledge without practical implications could benefit them and disliking the resources they use for that. Nothing that House Shroud does makes any sense to Maul and as such the relationship between the two houses is friendly but nothing more.

High House Rune


Let nothing stand in the way of your pursuit of knowledge. This is the sole guideline given to anyone joining the ranks of House Rune. These scholars of lore and history have the keen interest to find everything that lies hidden under layers of ancient dust.

House Rune is the one House that couldn’t care less what the Enclave does as a whole and as such politics and diplomacy are shunned by House Rune as a whole. Those within the ranks of House Rune are obsessed with seeking out new technologies, magical spells and artifacts in such a way that it often borders on the suicidal. Nothing is gained without making sacrifices and a life lost is nothing compared to new knowledge gained.

House Rune is led by the depressed and paranoid Lady Edhuil Taimodan who is rarely seen without her champion at her side. Rumours have it that someone else is pulling the strings and that the Lady Taimodan is nothing more than a puppet. The university on the edge of the Midlands of Parliament stands as a testimony to the knowledge gained by House Rune.

Within the Enclave

House Rune are politically hostile towards House Maul as they has no use for the brute force and their way of thinking. Although they could ‘test’ various researched projects for them, there is little else they can find use for within Maul. Likewise Maul’s pragmatic stance often means that they levy for the same monetary subsidies, often getting in the way of Rune’s progress.

They are allied with House Shroud as their intelligence, as gatherings often holds leads and clues towards new discoveries. Shroud is also responsible for Rune siding with the Enclave, as originally Rune planned to remain allied with the Traitor Houses Pale, Onyx and Void. Although it has saved them from oblivion, a lot of Runics still mourn the decision of their ancestors, resulting in an indifferent stance towards the Enclave as a whole.

The incident at the Ancestral Forge has put some tension upon House Rune. Although no-one knows what happened and certainly isn’t blaming House Rune, Shroud knows every dirty detail of it, but hasn’t made that in itself known to anyone else.

High House Shroud


There isn’t much known about House Shroud really, since this High House is the most secretive of all five. Being the oldest High House within the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, House Shroud has accumulated so much intelligence over the years that they know who stabbed who in the back hundreds of years ago.

House Shroud excels in logistics and communication and always seems to be meddling in the affairs of others in some covert and sneaky way. Intelligence is the best currency for anyone within the ranks of House Shroud and as such the best rogues have found their skills being bought by some within House Shroud.

Led by the reclusive and shady Lord Skathe Hellayne, House Shroud lives on as a cockroach after a nuclear winter. If there is one House that would survive a thousand Great Collapses, it would be Shroud. Their actions and desire to stay hidden and in the background is reflected in the architecture of their grand temple carved into the rocky walls of the Midlands of Parliament. One would have to be born into the shadows to join House Shroud willingly.

Within the Enclave

Shroud is allied with House Torque although on an almost parasitic level. While torque thinks Shroud simply delivers them communiques they usually consist out of hidden agenda’s to promote Shroud’s well-being.

They are amicable towards House Rune, a House they managed to seduce into joining the yet to be formed Enclave instead of siding with the Deadspell Alliance. Shroud wants to keep Rune close at hand, as the military strength of Maul is somewhat intimidating to them.

High House Silver


There is but one whole truth when it comes to House Silver, the Coin rules supreme! Everyone within House Silver is seen as a capitalist that would sell his own mother if it would make him or her a profit. Merchants, brokers, bookies, black marketers, it does not matter, if there is a profit to me made, House silver is close by.

Politics and wars are seen by House Silver as a means to an end and as such they try to follow the lines of diplomacy as well as the military approach formed within the Enclave. This has not made them very popular, but popularity is not needed to make money, supply and demand is and that is where House Silver excels in!

Looking out for the best interest as well as interest rates for House Silver is the Lady Fessia Lomnovel. One could easily forget that behind the beautiful face of this young lady, a cunning viper waits for any who could make her a profit. She resides within the luxurious embassy House Silver built in Hawksmouth, one that overshadows that of House Torque in wealth and glory.

Within the Enclave

Silver is allied with House Maul. Although one could suspect this is for protection the true reason is of course far more economical. Maul’s military machine needs to be fuelled and Silver is all too happy to provide them with ‘reasonably priced’ resources. Their exuberant embassy at Hawksmouth a direct side-effect of this fattening of purses.

Silver has no opposing houses, their influence in commerce being to great. Though, they often are nervous when House Shroud is involved, as they could mention very oddly shifting numbers and ‘special contracts’ in their communiques.

High House Torque


There is but one true leader and there can be but one House to bring him forth. That is the reasoning of House Torque. Born into politics, diplomacy and endless negotiations, House Torque forms the backbone of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, for if it was not for their qualities to maintain peace within the Houses, the Enclave would long ago have faltered and fallen.

Everyone has a voice within House Torque and as such everyone is listened to. These ideals and the resulting arrogance have often formed the base of many bureaucratic problems, especially when some people have a louder voice than others. But in the end, those within the ranks of House Torque mean well and do what they do to bolster the strength of the Enclave, led of course by Torque.

House Torque is led by a man known as Ado Tyranon, the only Daevi Lord amongst the council of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. As one would expect, he has a lot of advisers that go through a lot of different channels to finally reach Lord Tyranon himself. The main seat of power for Torque stands within the fortified city of Hawksmouth where their political forum stands as testimony to the ideals and views of everyone within House Torque.

Within the Enclave

Torque is closely aligned with House Maul, the military strength of the house a perfect compliment to their own leadership qualities. Luckily Maul is more concerned with keeping the military engine running than decision-making. For even Torque knows that should Maul ever rebel then there’s little a leader could do.

To Torque there are no opposing Houses, everybody is working towards the goal of a glorious Enclave. Lead by Torque of course.