Experience required for a PeP-level reduced

Experience required for a PeP-level reduced

Well, falling to your death on a ladder feels a bit better now!

Hello dear Shard-traveller!

With our latest update,, which went live a week ago, we lowered the PeP requirements to get a new level.

This is a massive change to how the game plays, as PeP-levels give nice boosts - however, when you die, you lose a PeP level and the benefit it gives.

Due to some nasty things in the game - like the infamous ladders - we decided to lower the requirements, to make the pain of losing a PeP level a bit more bearable.

Starting from now, the requirements have been slashed by 50% and are now:

  • PeP level 1: 2500
  • PeP level 2: 6500
  • PeP level 3: 12500
  • PeP level 4: 20000
  • PeP level 5: 30000

We hope that you’ll like this change and we wish you a lot of fun in the game!

  • Kevin and the Spellborn team!