New Game Update and Launcher Overhaul

New Game Update and Launcher Overhaul

Some fixes here and there, a launcher rewrite. You know, winter cleaning?

Hi there - we hope you have had some pleasant gaming sessions in the beautiful world of Spellborn!

To make that even better, we are now releasing some new game updates - these are nothing major, but rather many fixes in many different areas.
For example, we fixed some bugs in the Quarterstone Mines, we modified some droptables and tweaked the Ancestral Mage and Runemage class.

Another update that I have to mention, is that the launcher has received its biggest overhaul so far. While we still don’t support resume downloading (though this is in the works), we have significantly overhauled almost every aspect of the launcher.
The browser component that the launcher used, CefSharp, has been removed and replaced with WebView2, which allows us to shrink the size of the launcher considerably. This however means that it relies on Edge, and can only run on versions of Windows that support Edge - Windows 8.1, Vista and older are unfortunately no longer an option (though I’m not certain if Windows 7 is supported - I think it is).
In order to still allow these users to enjoy the game, the update is not forced and you can skip this update indefinitely if you are on Windows 7/Vista. There are however, further changes in the launcher, with it now having an options panel that allows you to re-install and redownload the game. Finally, the launcher has more advanced logging so that we can support better if something goes wrong.

I’d say, enjoy these changes and we’ll see you ingame!

  • Kev