New game update and launcher

A new game update has been released and the launcher has arrived!

Hello everybody - the last few weeks have been amazing and we're now up at 900 accounts!

To celebrate that, we have a new update!

Update notes, version

Quest fixes
  • He Remains Powerful - Fixed missing quest parts. Fixed empty text in conversations.
  • A Token of Sincerity - Fixed despawning of Vednidher when he reaches the end of his escort.
  • Palace Love - Fixed missing conversations at the end of the quest.
  • Time For A Change Of Style - Changed the war scene location in the quest text from north of the docks to south of the docks.
  • Mugwum Is Guilty! - Fixed Mugwum not despawning when he is at the gate. This prevents new players from interacting with him.
  • The Pedestal Of Light - History book was invisible so it was impossible to find the correct order.
  • Through The Stomach - Fixed small text error. Changed Soul Shop into Spirit Shop.
Misc fixes
  • Fixed History book not spawning for HighHouse Maul quest.
  • Fixed bug in NPC Chat script that created invulnerable enemies.
  • Ancestral Forge - Fixed Orros being stuck at low health.
  • Fixed typo in quest Road of the Conscript.
  • Pit District: NPC with missing label has been renamed to Pold the Soulwarden.
  • Spirit Guardian now has a correct name label.
  • Added more resolutions to the option menu.

Enough talking, how can I download this update?

Moving forward, you'll be able to install and update the game using our newly released launcher.

You can download it by clicking the button below - beware that it'll perform a clean install on the first launch.

Click here to install the launcher and play the newest version

- The Spellborn Reborn Team.