New updates and new content: Demon Army Camp

New updates and new content: Demon Army Camp

It's like it's easter again.

Hello everybody - it’s been awfully quiet on the website here, but in the game things haven’t stood still!

Fixes, fixes and more fixes!

Thanks to the work of SpellbornDev, many bugs have gotten fixed over the last few weeks and months - last time I typed up a news post, we were at, currently we are at!

This means a lot of patchnotes… I’m not going to copy them here, however, but you can find the patchnotes by clicking on the link:

As you can see, SpellbornDev has done a lot!

The best news however, is that a bit of unreleased old content is now available for the first time…

Demon Army Camp

The Demon Army Camp is an entire new questline and a new level. It was created by the original developers, but never made accessible before.

This means that this is the first time that this bit of content is accessible… what dangers will await you?

I have to admit though, that I haven’t visited it myself yet… it’s dangers are unknown to me. But perhaps you can go with a party and discover for your own ;)?

Site updates

We’re working on extending the website and you can expect a bit more content on the site soon, including some more information about Demon Army Camp!

You can also expect some more screenshots to pop up on the website soon.

Thanks for playing Spellborn and we’ll see you in game!

  • The Spellborn Reborn team