We are moving into open beta

The moment many of you have waited for has finally arrived - we are opening up the game to everybody!

What started a few months ago as a stroke of pure luck, allowing us to get back on the game, has evolved to a point that we are comfortable opening it up to others - which means, we don't expect to do any further character wipes, but as long as the beta runs, that chance might still be there.

The game itself is the latest version of The Chronicles of Spellborn that was available running under Acclaim - we were able to get our hands on the Asian version of TCoS that underwent heavy changes, but this turned out not to be the best pick.

Several bugs have been fixed, broken quests fixed and even closed content reopened, which makes this, without doubt, the best version of The Chronicles of Spellborn that has ever been available.

Enough talking, how can I get in?

I like how impatient you are! You can find all the required steps right here!

Getting Started

- The Spellborn Reborn Team.