Welcome Everyone

The Hawksmouth Docks have welcomed a lot of newcomers!

Welcome, recruit!

It's been two weeks since we opened up the gates to the game and over the last few days, we've had more than 500 new accounts, which means that we've gotten more than ten times the amount of accounts we had before!

This is mainly due to Reddit picking up on us, as well as posts by MassivelyOP and many others - please continue on sharing the news!

During this period, we've seen more than 1.6TB of client downloads, leading us to setting up a new file server to make sure that our main site stays online ;).

So what's coming up?

Right now, we're focussing on building a new launcher/patcher for the game, which is being worked on by Girsol. This should make installing and updating a lot easier.

Next to that, a new registration system is in the works that will also allow you to reset your in game password.

I need help!

If you need help, post something in the Discord - our GM's and community will be glad to help you there!

If you find a bug, the forum is the best place to post about this.

We'd like to thank you all for joining us and we are looking forward to meet all of you in-game!

How can I help?

We've set up a donation system to help us pay for a new beefier server - if you'd like to help, all help is welcome!

The Spellborn Reborn Team.